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High Quality,  Great Warranty and Customer Care,  Fantastic Prices!  Reliable and Trusted. Have Been Building Our Saunas Since 1994.


High Quality Modular Far Infrared Saunas

High quality, reasonable price, and easy installation make our quality saunas a personal luxury you can now afford to enjoy in the privacy and comfort of your home. Our far Infrared Saunas come in many sizes and consist of 6 pre-fabricated, tongue & groove fitted panels. All models feature far infrared premium heating elements; top grade, precisely cut wood boards; state of the art designs; feature-rich dual digital control panels, and top of line electronics. Our infrared saunas have been tested and approved for safely use in the US and around the world. Quality craftsmanship and attention to details can be appreciated in all of our saunas.



Home Saunas

Every custom unit is designed and crafted to suit your personal requirements. Our designers can produce a sauna unit to go with your unique floor space, height, or shape requirements. Provide your specifications, and get a quote, and we can come up with a plan for you.

To build a customized sauna, You will be required to pay in advance. We will start building your sauna shortly after we receive full payment from you. We only accept cash, money order or cashier check for all customized saunas.

For custom built sauna, there will be no return of the product. We don’t refund the money under any circumstances. If the sauna has any problem, or damage(s), we will replace the damaged part, or the parts that is not working. We guarantee that you will have a sauna that works great for you. We will warranty this product the same as all of our new products. In the future, for parts that need to be replaced, we only charge you the cost for it and its shipping & handling charges.

It takes about 3 weeks to build and one month for ocean shipping, the turn around time is approximate two months.

Standard customizations include:

 Changing the sauna height or shape to suit your living environmental
  Altering door location or size for easier access
  Increasing the number of windows or altering the location or size in order to allow increased viewing area/natural light or suit your special requirements
  Changing the bench seat height, location, or width.
  Adding or relocating heating elements to allow increased heating result of particular areas. 
   Modifications to use 110 or 220 volts so as to accommodate different designs
Modifications to accommodate disabled access

Other customizations can also be arranged.

The Features of the Infrared Sauna

Standard features are included in your customization

The 110 volt custom Sauna features high quality premium grade far infrared pure ceramic heaters, tempered glass windows, dual digital control panels, reading light, fresh air vents, feature-rich music player, true 3-D stereo speakers, and a towel rail. The sauna will be built using high quality Canadian timbers and safe water based adhesives.


Superior premium Grade Far Infrared Ceramic Heaters

Strict quality control ensures that Quality Sauna's pure ceramic infrared heaters have achieved the highest standards for technical functionality and aesthetic workmanship. Our premium grade far infrared heaters are made from a unique ceramic formula, carefully formed into a convex to produce radiant heat output in the 5.6 –14 micron wavelength range for best results. This radiant heat is completely safe. Unlike the sun’s radiation, the radiant heat from a Qualty Sauna heater does not contain Ultra Violet or other harmful radiation. Our saunas use about the same amount of power as a standard toaster, making them much more cost efficient than a traditional sauna.



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