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High Quality Modular Far Infrared Saunas

High quality, reasonable price, and easy installation make our quality saunas a personal luxury you can now afford to enjoy in the privacy and comfort of your home. Our far Infrared Saunas come in many sizes and consist of 6 pre-fabricated, tongue & groove fitted panels. All models feature far infrared premium heating elements; top grade, precisely cut wood boards; state of the art designs; feature-rich dual digital control panels, and top of line electronics. Our infrared saunas have been tested and approved for safely use in the US and around the world. Quality craftsmanship and attention to details can be appreciated in all of our saunas.



Over the years, we have received hundreds of volunteered feedbacks from our valued customers; many of these testimonials have warmed our hearts. It has been an amazing experience to have helped these great customers and we are honored that our saunas have been helpful to improve lives and the well being of thousands. It is you, our customers, who make us feel that all of our time and effort is so worthwhile.

We have selected a few of your feedbacks to share on this page for anyone to read. We hope that you have as much fun reading them as we have!

I love my sauna!!  Very happy with the purchase!!!  Looks good, works great!!!
Olga Shifrin (Highland Park, IL)

More than I expected.  Arrived within stated time frame.  Very happy with the sauna.
Wolfgang Diestmann (Pomona, MO)

I wanted to thank you once again. I really loved the sauna and have
been using it daily. I am really happy I waited.
Al Antigua (Middle Town, NJ )

Great product and amazing service. I would recommend this company to anyone.
Erik Nielsen, (Lawrenceville, GA )

What can I say. WOW ! Are you kidding? I thought I was taking a chance when I purchased my sauna from you guys. First were concerns about shipping, then putting it together and then expecting problems after putting it together. But nope, none of that happened. Shipping was swift and no issues. I’ve had much smaller packages delivered and they have been damaged or something has gone wrong. But with this, no issues in shipping. Next was assembly of the sauna. No problems there either. We put it together in 30 mins max ! And guess what? Everything worked perfectly. I was so surprised. The radio, cd, controls, lights everything worked! And it was so easy to set up. I was dumb founded. I’ve owned my unit for a few months now and no issues or complaints. I am so surprised and satisfied that I have been telling everyone about how easy it was to order, have shipped and put together. And especially the price. I checked around town with other units and your product by far is much better and reasonably priced.

I am definitely a happy customer, as well as a surprised customer. In today’s market you don’t know who to trust. I ordered this sauna thinking it was going to be a disaster and to my surprise it was an unexpected surprise. Quality was great and I was very surprised how well everything fit together. I barely had to look at the instructions. It almost seems like I’m writing a marketing ad for you guys, my hats off to you, its a very good product. Thank you, Thank you Thank you. You have restored my faith in purchasing such a large item over the internet. Oh and by the way, it is such a relaxing sauna. I wish I could stay in it longer than 50 mins a day. Great product !
Sincerely, Frank Vigil
(Shingle Spring, CA)

Just wanted to let you know. Go the new heater, install was a breeze. Working great.
Thanks for the fast and efficient customer service. Nowadays, that means a lot.
Thanks, Mark Miller (Potterville, MI)

I have had your two person sauna for a little over 5 months now and my wife and I love it.

We use it about 4 times a week and cannot believe the quality of the unit and all the benefits we derive from it. While we are both in good physical condition, we feel the sauna helps keep us that way.

I feel the sauna keeps you healthy without your even knowing it. I have recommended it to friends and relatives and one friend has already bought one and my son is getting one in another month when he moves into his new house.

I researched this product carefully on the internet and decided to go with Quality Sauna Warehouse for a couple of reasons. Their price was excellent and their information was honest and correct. I even called them and got a sales rep on the phone when I had a question about the unit. I received the sauna exactly when they said I would. There was a slight problem with my radio volume control. I called them up, told them the problem and a new one went out the next day. No questions asked. I even got a follow up email to make sure all was well. I would never go anywhere else.
Richard Zank  (New Fairfield, CT)

We love the sauna. The price, compared to similar items, is fantastic!. I thought I could never afford one - - until I became aware of your kit and easy instructions for assembly.

Glad to have found you - -at 1/2 the cost of the same model offered in Home Shows.
Penny Kriesch (Adelthi, MD)

We wanted to buy a portable sauna for our home. We knew we would be moving so it had to be portable. Once we were on the Internet we came across many different types of sauna’s. Now, our problem was not only to buy one but which one. After many months of research our problem was solved by testimonials written by others. After the search on what kind of heat infrared was, we needed to find overall best quality and price of course. We bought Quality Sauna based on prices and styles. We found the best price along with one of the most attractive styles. Usually these two do not coincide. We absolutely love to use it even in the hot summer months in Chicago. It relaxes our muscles and helps us to sleep so much better. We both realized it really helps us.  So, now we try to maintain a date night at least once a week in our sauna. Thank you so much for all your information you had provided me and your service deserves an A++ in our books and that is a hard one to earn for we too are in the customer service industry.

Kimberly Garcia (Riverside, IL)

We were amazed at our accomplishment in putting this together!  We are not mechanically adapted!  We are enjoying the sauna so very much.
Therese Martin (Munster, IN)

I wanted to express our gratitude for your sauna. I researched online and decided upon a Quality Sauna/Quality Sauna Warehouse and was very pleased with the construction quality and assembly simplicity. The sauna we purchased was the 3 person corner unit and it was a gift for my husband who is in the military. He really enjoys the privacy and hygiene of using a sauna at home vs the gym. The best element of all is that being in the military we can take it with us every time we move! Thank you for your expedient shipping and great customer service. Andrea Mattern (Mountain Home, ID)

I had my doubts about getting a sauna, but happened to get a nice bonus from work, and it was my birthday and all, so I went ahead and ordered the two person sauna.  I’ve had it almost a week now and it might be one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

I expected to sweat a lot, I never realized the quality and depth of the sleep I’ve been getting at night...unbelievable.  And in what may be the biggest unexpected benefit of my sauna, is my girlfriend loves it and is constantly thinking up reasons to come by.  In short, the sauna exceeded all my expectations and then some. Thank you, Mike Keesling   (West Hollywood, CA)

Product was everything we’d hoped for. Fast & Professional transaction!!
Joseph Brath, (Kewaskum WI, 53040)

Five star service, excellent product, I love the spa
Katia McGuirk (Doylestown, PA)

Real nice, excellent made product. Very good service.
Floyd Anderson (Milledgeville, GA)

Could not be more satisfied with the sauna, the deal and quick service. Thanks
Russell Anderson (Vine Grove, KY)

I just love my sauna. It went together so easily, sits proudly on my condo patio, and is very cheap to run. My electric bill is no higher then it usually is. I use it a lot and admire the quality. My friends really think its a incredible deal. I have given your firms web site to many people. I have had Parkinson’s for 7 years it mostly effects my legs creating stiffness, the sauna heat takes the stiffness away. Its a great product and has helped me tremendously. Thank you for making it available at such a reasonable price. Sincerely, Bob Danzer  (Carmel, CA)

I love my sauna! It was even more than I imagined getting for the price. I use it every day to de-stress myself. The water weight comes off so easily and without the discomfort of traditional really hot saunas. My perfect temperature is 123 degrees which barely makes me hot and yet I sweat almost immediately for 30 minutes at a time.

I live in St. Louis and Colorado, so I will need another one. I feel much better by sweating every day. My skin couldn’t be softer and it relaxes me at night to sleep better.
Also, the quality is great. The radio and speakers are an added bonus and having a window in it allows me to watch TV. I can speak on the phone without worrying about it over heating. Often, I am doing "work" in the sauna. I think it is imperative to have for better health and appearance and to relax.
Thanks! Mary Grasso (St Louis, MO)

Very Satisfied with the whole transaction
Jackie Tinkham (Fort Worth, TX)

I totally love my sauna!! Fast, easy, & trustworthy! THANK YOU!
T Bacallao (Miami, FL)

This 4 person corner sauna is great, top quality, I have never sweat so much
Bill Vargas (Corona, CA)

GREAT !!! Received on Friday, up and running Saturday. Many thanks
Larry & Yvonne Hoover (Council Bluffs, IA)

We are very pleased with our purchase of our two person sauna from Quality Sauna Warehouse. Everything about the purchase was satisfactory. The unit was delivered quickly and was in perfect condition. Following the instructions, the assembly was easily accomplished. I had prepared a location for the sauna by installing a 120v outlet and also laying a rubber floor mat as well. The unit could be placed nearly anywhere since it has a small footprint.

We use the unit predominantly on a three season basis and only rarely in the summer. The electrical cost is negligible. The unit is a very good value for the price and we would highly recommend it to anyone as we have done with friends and family. Quality Sauna Warehouse responded quickly with a question I sent by e-mail and I conclude that any serious issue would be addressed if such were the case. Thanks for the great product!
Leo G. Case  (Spring Hill, Florida)

I had done considerable research on far infrared saunas when I came across Quality Sauna Warehouse’s web site.  I was impressed with your lifetime warranty on the heaters and the overall quality of the unit.  As I had been comparing features and prices strictly on one person saunas, that is what I ordered.  Later that same day I revisited your web site to confirm the specifications and discovered that for a few dollars more I could have ordered a two person unit.  I then called your company again and asked to change my order if possible and was assured that it would be done. 

When the unit arrived I was amazed at the care taken in packaging it for shipment and its sturdiness.  I was even more pleasantly surprised at how easily the sauna was assembled.  Every thing about my sauna was exactly as advertised and it has met and exceeded my expectations to this point.  I would like to thank everyone at Quality Sauna Warehouse for their help and dedication in producing a superior product.  I believe I could have spent many times what I did for my unit from someone else and not received a better product. Richard Flick  (Denmark, WI)

I would like to thank Quality Sauna Warehouse for the great sauna that I ordered.  It was delivered quickly and in great shape.  It was packaged very carefully and was really easy to assemble.  It makes a great piece of furniture, and can be put anywhere inside the house.  We put it in our family room in the basement and it looks great.

I have never experienced an infrared sauna, and was amazed how great it works.  I feel that it was really worth the investment and that I will continue to enjoy it for years.

Thanks again for a great product. Linda Allen  (Cordova, IL)

I love my sauna! It works perfectly, it’s beautiful, and it was a great price!
Tami Moeller (Castaic, CA)

Thank you for a great product at a great prices with friendly service.
John Yarbrough (Aurora, TX)

Very Easy to Set Up, Thanks very very much! Good purchase for me! Good Deal!
Bobby Watson, (San Pedro, CA )

Thank you! This is my best purchase ever!
Priscilla Joiner (LaPorte, TX)

Wallace Mosley II (Maspeth, NY)

My husband and I purchased our sauna several months ago.  I was concerned about making such a large investment sight unseen.  I did not have anything to fear.  The sauna is wonderful and we have really felt a difference in our health, especially when we use it regularly.  I like taking the time to relax in my sauna in the dark just listening to music from the build in sound system.  The wood quality (one thing I was worried about) is great.  We purchased our sauna form the Quality Sauna Warehouse.  Enjoy yours!
Fred and Angela Baum (Tijeras, NM)

My experience was excellent.  I called a couple of times before I bought.  Each time I was treated with courtesy, helpfulness, and thoroughness.  I could not have received better service than I did. 

The sauna arrived and was easy to assemble.  The instructions were easy to read and understand.  It took me approximately 40 minutes to assemble.

My wife and I really enjoy our sauna.  We use it about five times a week in half hour segments.  Even though there are only two of us, I am glad we bought the three person sauna.  It gives us room to spread out our books and magazines.  Both of us are big readers.

The bottom-line is that I could not have asked for better service. I have recommended you to several friends, hopefully you will have some sales from my high recommendations. 
Richard Faulk (Houston, TX)

Absolutely Love your sauna!!  It’s incredible!  Thank you!
Sincerely,  Angela Mandella (Billings, MT)

Super fast shipment, Spa is great!! Enjoyed it several times already—thanks
Joe Johnston (Williamsburg, OH)

I feel the customer service and delivery could not have been better. The unit arrived in one week. I was amazed - considering the size and bulk of
the item. When we called with questions, we were given friendly and helpful service which was reassuring.

The unit was very easy to put together as you indicated in the web site and that was fun! The entire experience has been positive and we are amazed and happy what a beautiful unit it is. Thank you, Eileen Straus   (Walnut Creek, CA)

I purchased your sauna and was pleased when it showed up, the packing was done very well to keep everything safe.  The assembling was easy and the instructions were good. The sauna works great and I love the radio/CD, I get CD’s at the library, (books on tape and music) to listen to while I relax and sweat. Nice to know someone still makes Quality products. Yours Truly, Lance Anderson (Malibu, CA)

We are very content with the sauna, the quality, delivery and customer service. The price is extraordinary for what we received, I’ve shopped for years before purchasing one. I have no regret and I say this of free will. Unfortunately, I did not find a place where I could have tested before purchasing one, I took a calculated gamble after comparing many brands, different wood quality, warranty and pricing, it paid off. Easy to assemble my three man sauna is spacious enough, I’m glad I did not settle for a two man.

I am in the Real Estate/Mortgage business, I shop for good deal for my clients and shopping for a sauna is no different. Carl Gonzalez (Berwyn, IL)

I purchased my Sauna a year ago.  My sauna gets used every other day and has been working great. The workmanship of the sauna is excellent. I have tried other saunas and the Quality Sauna by far is a better product.

I had a problem with one of the heating elements not heating, after a call to your company and explaining what was happening, I received a new one within days of my call together with detail instructions on how to replace the heater.

After using the sauna my skin feels softer, my whole body feels better. I would recommend that everyone try the sauna.
David Gallegos (Alamogordo, New Mexico)

Awesome Sauna – Love it!
Glenn Cook (Marina, CA)

Daniel Shrider (Huntsville, AL)

I just wanted to compliment you on your deluxe 2-people sauna. I was a little skeptical at first, but it truly is a beautiful sauna. I believe I will enjoy this for years to come. Thanks a lot. Tyler Hallett  (Blaine, ME)

I have been using the two-person sauna since the delivery about two months ago and I have enjoyed the relaxing physical state as well as the mental relaxation.  The sauna was an ease to assemble, my 11 year old and I had it together in 30 minutes.  It took longer to dispose of the protective packing than to assemble.  The Quality Sauna Warehouse was very responsive in replacing one of the infrared heating elements that did not function.  I called one day to inform Quality Sauna Warehouse that one infrared tube wasn’t working and two days later I had receive the new replacement.  This too was a snap to replace by myself.  The radio/CD player is a plus to the sauna’s enjoyment.  Of course the cost, which can not be beat, is the best that I have found. 

It was very enjoyable dealing with Quality Sauna Warehouse and they answered all of questions. Hope you and the Quality Sauna Warehouse crew do well.
Be Well, Ed Ziegler (Orange, CA)

We looked at many and this one is outstanding ! Great Sauna! Thanks!
Dena Plendl (LeMars, IA)

Super product. Super support. They stand behind their product. You will be happy
William McIntyre (Carrollton, TX)

Michael May (Milton Freewater, OR)

Dear Quality Sauna -

Just wanted to send a short note thanking you for a great product. It’s the most affordable unit we could find, and the assembly was inside one hour. The fit and finish is flawless.

We are enjoying a sauna twice a week, and the relaxation of our muscles for a day or two afterwards is truly an enjoying physical change from dealing with the pain and stiffness of everyday life in the mid 50’s. Deep heating Infrared really makes a difference.

Thanks again for a solid product and great price.
Ken Leschisin (Brooklyn Park, MN)

Super fast delivery, very impressive packaging, good price, excellent product.
David Dion (Boynton Beach, FL)

Love it! Very nice product!
Elaine Hamilton (Bethel Park, PA)

This sauna is really nice and worth the money.
Joseph Benante (Deerfield Beach, FL)

Very nice!  Arrived in perfect shape and everything works great!
Patricia Clagg (Tecumseh, OK)

I am very happy with my dry sauna I purchased from Quality Sauna Warehouse.  It was shipped exactly when you said it would be, and was just as fast and easy to set up as you said also. 

I’ve been going to several different gyms over the last 17 years doing dry sauna 3 to 4 times a week. For me a dry sauna must get hot enough to make me sweat within about 5 minutes of entering it or I’ve found that it doesn’t provide the same health value.  If someone is looking for a great hot sauna to really sit and sweat in, I highly recommend the far infrared dry sauna I got from you, I love it! 

If you are really going to sweat a lot like I do, you are going to go through a lot of towels!  What I did is this, and it works great:  I made 2 small pallets out of 2 x 4’s and wood slats, one sits on top of the bench in the sauna and the other is on the floor.  Inside the pallets I put aluminum flashing that makes a tray that catches the sweat drops as they fall through the slats.  In the pallet on the bench there is a low point in the aluminum where I put a hole that filters the sweat down through a tube to the lower pallet which also has a low point but in the center, that drains the sweat into a funnel with a tube that goes out the bottom via a hole I drilled through the floor of the sauna.  I put the sauna up on wheels and put a hot water heater plastic reservoir under it where the sweat comes out the tube and into it.  WORKS PERFECTLY!  No towels to wash and the sauna experience is much dryer.  Also the sound of droplets hitting the aluminum sound like rain on a old tin roof, very relaxing. Thanks guys, you are saving me a lot of time, energy, and money!  
 Lane Hodgeson (Austin, Texas)

Great company, great product, very responsive customer service. Buy from them!
Katherine Germaine (Reno, NV)

Excellent product, fast delivery, will tell others
Helen Ramey (Kansas City, MO)

I’m sorry that I haven’t written to you sooner. I have been away for a couple of weeks. Let me first say that the sauna is working perfectly and I have been enjoying it. It hasn’t always been that way as you well know. We had a problem and I was getting a little upset but you stood behind your product 110%. You found out the best way to handle what was wrong and you expressed delivered whatever parts I needed. I am very grateful and I have never dealt with a more honorable man. Sincerely,
Bruce Gelb (Las Vegas, NV)

The sauna I purchased from quality sauna is a great value, great workmanship, and easy to put together. The deep heating helps achy muscles better than any sports cream, and lasts all day long. I have a deep clean feeling  when I am finished. Thank you for the great product.  Pat Benore (Erie, MI)

My wife, my 15 year old daughter, and myself have really enjoyed the (1) person dry sauna I bought from Quality Sauna Warehouse.  We each use it 3 to 5 times a week for the health benefits, and it just makes you feel better.  It was easily set up in a back bedroom that we had converted to a workout room.  It’s great having our own sauna. I feel our family is healthier for it.
Regards, Carl Blevins (Garland, TX)

I did a lot of research and check around for all brands of infrared saunas, so I felt comfortable with what I was going to purchase.
It met my expectations and was very easy to put together.  I purchased the two person sauna because I had limited space.  It went together without any problems and only took about 45 minutes total to put it together.  What I also liked was that if I were to move I could easily take it down into basic parts, easily transport it to put it together again somewhere else.

I thought the price was very good compared to others.  It had more quality than what I expected, and still am very happy with what I have today. I think quality Sauna Warehouse was very honest in what they were selling and had no bad surprises.  This is something that does not always happen with Internet purchases, so I am very happy about that.

I really enjoy the heat penetration I get with the sauna especially if I am stressed or have worked out.  It really helps and I enjoy the qualities of using this type of infrared sauna. Thanks. Tim Melander (St Paul, MN)

Excellent transaction, fast shipping, and the sauna is great.
Ryan Haid (Pittsburgh, PA)

Super fast shipping & friendly responses. Great price. Highly recommended company
Kay Doyle-Johnson (San Luis Obispo, CA)

Thanks for the sauna, great unit and healthy. Works great.
Debra Maker (Brookpark, MN)

My 2 person Sauna from Quality Sauna Warehouse is fantastic.  It was well packed very easy to assemble and setup. I use it 3 to 4 times per week and am very happy with the results much more energy and feel better overall.
Bill (Annapolis, MD)

I am happy to advocate the purchase of the Quality Sauna from the Quality Sauna Warehouse.

The price beat all the others I compared with.  In fact, the price was the key decision in my purchase.  We had long talked of buying a sauna but it wasn’t until we found your website that we finally decided to make a purchase.   I also found the personal assistance on the phone to be excellent.   It is a great addition to our house and health.
Frank Bakes  (Cincinnati, CT)

Just a note to let you know we received our sauna on Friday. I put it together yesterday and used it with my wife last night.

It is everything you promised. It looks and works great and we are very happy with it.

Thank you again,
Richard Zank  (New Fairfield, CT)

Thank you! I got the new front panel to replace the damaged one from the shipping. I also received the panel that encloses the stereo. I now have everything I need.  Thank you for taking care of everything in a timely and professional manner. I have recommended your company to several of my friends!
Thanks again, Ben Hunault (Swartz Creek, MI)

I have truly enjoyed my sauna, as well as my two sons and my husband have also.  After shopping and researching many saunas, we found yours to be the best quality for the price.  Even though there were two minor problems with the sauna when we received it, your customer service took care of it immediately.  We look forward to many more years of renewed health and vitality thanks to our sauna.  Thank you.
Kim Wilson (Meadowview, VA)

I put in my sauna in about one hour and it was as easy as it sounds.  I love the sauna and the benefits we are getting using the sauna.  I sent a picture of the room we built and the sauna set up. It was a tight fit but it fits! 
Thank you, Dr. Douglas Vaselakos  (Palos Heights, IL)

My name is Rusty Oetinger.  My wife and I purchased one of your two person saunas this past spring.  I want to tell you how much we enjoy our sauna.  We sit in it three to four times a week.  We are a family that believes strongly in the benefits of a dry infrared sauna.  We thank you for all of your service.
Greatly appreciated,
Rusty Oetinger (Oakhurst, CA)

Thanks for your excellent service!
Eric Taylor (Gresham, OR)

Unit arrived in good shape. Easy assembly. Functions as advertised. Thanks.
Eugene Malloy (Cross Junciton, VA)

I love my sauna. It is wonderful! Easy to install.
Mary & Mike Valpredo (Casco, MI)

I was really fortunate to find your company. You had every piece of information that I needed to make an informed decision. I called and ordered the two person sauna. The ordering process was easy with no surprises regarding price or delivery. The sauna was delivered and it surpassed my expectations of beauty and roominess. I made a little error in the assembly by missing one connection. With one phone call to you, I got clear, accurate and professional advice. I followed your instructions and all went well. Now, my wife and I are enjoying our private sauna in our home with 100% satisfaction. My thanks to your sales rep who was very friendly and extremely helpful. Ben & Isa Spinnato (Zephyrhills, Florida)

Easy assemble, very nice people to work with and of course we love our sauna!
Susan Anderson (Glendive, MT)

Fast shipping, resolved problems promptly, good deal
Dr Eric Pressman (Waldorf, MD)

I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t own a sauna from Quality Sauna/Quality Sauna Warehouse. They were very helpful answering every question that I had before the purchase (and a few questions I didn’t know I had). The assembly directions were easy to read and exactly in the correct order. Tools and fasteners were provided to make assembly a "snap". The Sauna from Quality Sauna Warehouse has performed exactly as they said it would. It is inexpensive to operate, quick to preheat, and works without maintenance.
Gary Torbic (Rices Landing, PA)

Great company! Responds quickly .Very patient and kind. We LOVE our infrared sauna!
Maxine Poston (Hendersonville, NC)

Product was damaged by shipper, but the company took care of all problems, a great company to work with.
Ahmus Kristoff (Santa Fe, NM)

Looks and works great, fast shipping, great packing, easy to put together.
David Rink (Jonesboro, GA)



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