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High Quality Modular Far Infrared Saunas

High quality, reasonable price, and easy installation make our quality saunas a personal luxury you can now afford to enjoy in the privacy and comfort of your home. Our far Infrared Saunas come in many sizes and consist of 6 pre-fabricated, tongue & groove fitted panels. All models feature far infrared premium heating elements; top grade, precisely cut wood boards; state of the art designs; feature-rich dual digital control panels, and top of line electronics. Our infrared saunas have been tested and approved for safely use in the US and around the world. Quality craftsmanship and attention to details can be appreciated in all of our saunas.


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Accessories that we recommend

Sauna covers are available as a separate order. We recommend that you use a sauna cover at all times when placing your sauna outdoors in a rain-proof area.

Our sauna covers come in two sides. The inside layer is made of a rubber material, and the outside layer is made of canvas.

While the sauna cover can be used to protect your sauna, you should not place your sauna any place where it can be reached by rain or anywhere it can get wet. 

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